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The past year has been full of twists and turns, and wild tattoos including baby Yoda drinking a White Claw. It was also the year where celebs went wild and got tattoos non-stop. We witnessed Aaron Carter tattoo his face, Chrissy Teigen get slammed for her brand new ink, and a new champion of Ink Master take the thrown. But amongst the face and baby Yoda tattoos, there was another common theme- matching tattoos. 

Of course, most of these matching celeb tattoos have been pretty tiny. But we can't help but hear the subtle voice of our mothers' whispering "never get a matching tattoo" as we ask our BFF what tattoo they want. So here are the best celebs to convince mom that your matching ink isn't such a bad idea.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend popped into timelines as the new cool family when they got matching tattoos of their and their children's names from artist Winterstone. Chrissy joked that 2019 was when she became a "cool mom" because of her multiple new tattoos she got this year. 

Keeping on the theme of tattoos for tikes, the Curry's both now have matching tattoos representing their three children. Ayesha actually has had her tattoo for a little bit, and Steph decided to take the time healing from his injury getting an exact copy of her cute geometric animals. Each animal represents one of their children, and was picked due to each of their babies' personality traits. 

Noah Cyrus was the queen of tribute tattoos in 2019, and took it to the next level when she got her last name "Cyrus" scribed onto the back of her arm. In the caption of the photo, Noah states that now she matches her sister, brother, and dad

Selena Gomez kept her matching tattoo on the down low, but artist Brad Reis managed to share some video of tattooing the former Disney star and her best friend, Julia Michaels. Though it's nearly impossible to find any official photos of the tattoos, sources say that the tattoos are arrows that point to each girl when they hold hands.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got matching tattoos after their beloved pooch, Waldo, passed away. Both got a tiny micro portrait of their pup to commemorate the time and love the two of them shared for him. 

Would you get a tattoo to match a friend or loved one, or do you think that it's a bad luck charm?