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This year, 6 of your favorite celebrities got their very first tattoos. That's right, there are still a few stars left who haven't hopped aboard the tattoo train. These stars couldn't be more different, as they range from a seven-time Grammy winner to a comedy legend to a dancing sensation. And although they all picked 2020 as the year they got their first tattoo, some of them just turned of age while another waited until their 60s! Take a look at the stars who got their first tattoos in 2020, then let us know when you got your first tattoo in the comments section on social media.


At the age of 62, Madonna bit the bullet and got her very first tattoo. We were pretty surprised to learn that this was the singer's first tattoo, as a tattoo seems pretty on brand for the "Material Girl," but she was "Like a Virgin" before visiting East Iz of Shamrock Social Club for an homage to her six children.

Billie Eilish

While we've yet to see the tattoo in question, Billie Eilish has in fact been inked. In her annual interview with Vanity Fair, the singer admitted to getting a tattoo in 2020, however, she says it will never be seen by the public.

Maddie Ziegler

Unlike her pal Billie, Maddie Ziegler was upfront and open to social media about getting her first tattoo. On her 18th birthday, she shared a video to Instagram of her very first piece, which was inked by Dr. Woo and reads "Frances," an homage to her grandmother.

Sabrina Carpenter

Another young starlet to get their first tattoo was actor and singer Sabrina Carpenter. She took to Instagram on December 17th to show off a new piece by Dr. Woo behind her ear, which reads "Lucky."

Chris Rock

After 55 years of waiting, Chris Rock got his very first tattoo in 2020 by Bang Bang. The comedian got his tattoo alongside his daughter, which is artist Basquiat's crown on his shoulder.

Storm Reid

Last, but not least, "Euphoria" actor Storm Reid got her first tattoo after her 17th birthday. The piece was inked by Winterstone, who also gave Chrissy Teigen and John Legend their first tattoos in 2019.