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Get ready to see some gorgeous tattooed chicks! 

Wait... that was a little misleading, what I meant to say was, get ready to see some gorgeous chicken tattoos! 

July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day. Why, you ask? Who knows. There's a national day for everything, and most of them are pretty silly. But we love silly almost as much as we love chicken tendies, so we put together a collection of chicken tattoos. 

Now, these tattoos aren't all for eating. Chickens are striking-looking animals, somehow both ugly and beautiful at the same time. Some breeds have gorgeous plumage, while others are just super bizarre looking. The only thing that is certain across all breeds of chicken is that the baby chicks are ADORABLE.

Of course, we couldn't make a post for National Fried Chicken Day without talking about how wonderful and delicious fried chicken is. It's always struck me as strange that people say that things "taste like chicken" as an insult. Chicken tastes scrumptious! It's so juicy and delectable, more things should taste like chicken. Like squash. No one likes the taste of squash, people just eat it because it's healthy. It should taste like chicken. Someone needs to get on that right away. 

One thing that we searched far and wide for was a tattoo of the Popeye's chicken sandwich. We couldn't find one, which is total bullshit. There are White Claw tattoos. There are meme tattoos. There are 50,000 Baby Yoda tattoos. But nobody has gotten a tattoo of a Popeye's chicken sandwich? What the hell?! This is so disappointing. It needs to happen. What's the matter American public? Chicken?! 

If you want a Popeye's chicken sandwich tattoo, hit me up at We're gonna do this thing. Seriously. I wouldn't joke about this. 

Until that happens, please enjoy this list of chicken tattoos.