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Over the past few years, Chris D'Elia has risen in the ranks of comedy. He first made himself known as a stand-up superstar, gaining recognition from in the Los Angeles comedy scene and appearing on a number of Comedy Central shows before earning his first special, "White Man, Black Comic," in 2013. This led him to acquire three more specials, "Incorrigible," "Man on Fire," and his soon to be released fourth special, all which debuted on Netflix. He's also no stranger to the worlds of television and film, appearing on NBC sitcoms "Whitney" and "Undateable," as well as Netflix's "You." He's also made quite the splash in the online world, establishing two successful podcasts, the "Ten Minute Podcast" which ran from 2012-2016 and "Congratulations with Chris D'Elia," which has run since 2017.

D'Elia is flying high as a multimedia entertainer and when it comes to his tattoo collection, he takes this theme quite literally. Over the years, D'Elia has began collecting tattoos from Los Angeles fine-line artist Dr. Woo and each of his tattoos has a connection to flight. His first tattoo by Woo was a flaming bald eagle on the outside of his wrist, which was inked back in January of 2019. Almost a year later, D'Elia got another flight inspired piece by Woo, which is a fine-line plane on his outer forearm. Now, he's received his third flight inspired piece from Woo and this time, it's on his chest.

For his newest tattoo, D'Elia got a paper airplane with geometric detailing, which covers the right side of his chest. Woo took to Instagram to share the comic's new ink, writing "Last week, on the second youngest man alive."

In the past, Woo has tattooed a number of high profile actors, singers and athletes in Los Angeles, including Demi Lovato, Frances Bean Cobain, Brooklyn Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. He's regarded highly in Hollywood for his fine-line technique and has even collaborated with major brands like Converse.

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