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Justin Bieber is showing some real growth in his tattoo quality, but sadly not in the quality of his mustache. 

Adorning the "Yummy" singer's collarbones is now a fine-lined laurel wreath that fills up the space between his chest and neck tattoos. 

Via Vasquez-Max Lopes/BACKGRID

Via Vasquez-Max Lopes/BACKGRID

The tattoo comes right at the release of Bieber's new YouTube series "Justin Bieber: Seasons," and shortly before his new album "Changes" is released on February 14. It seems that the singer is trying to hint that he is going through some long-form change, but it's unclear exactly what that change could be. Maybe Bieber feels that marriage has changed who he is? Or he is just really set on marketing themes.

Bieber is known for having some kind of questionable tattoos all over his body, but he actively gets huge tattoos whenever the fuck he wants. This small laurel wreath is a nice and simple addition to a very busy torso, which includes a lion and bear amongst other things. 

Neck tattoos are a popular option in the Bieber household as both Hailey and Justin often get tiny neckpieces, but normally the Biebs opts for a less simplistic style for his tattoos. As Bieber gets more tattoos, it's also seeming that he is getting more creative with placement. Where do you think he'll ink next?