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While the dancers make it look easy and effortless, pole dancing is extremely physically demanding and presents serious dangers. Whether you're a rookie or a pro, dancers can get hurt at any point in their routine and for Genea Sky, her fall from a 15-foot pole could have been fatal.

Cleverly named the "bounce back stripper," Sky was performing at XTC Cabaret in Dallas when she fell from the pole and landed on her jaw. Sky immediately popped back up and continued with her routine, which has shocked and amazed audiences around the world. But don't let her showmanship fool you, Sky was badly injured from her fall, sustaining a broken jaw (which is currently wired shut) and a sprained ankle. Facing debt from the impending surgeries, Sky took to social media to crowd fund her medical bills and what happened can only be referred to as a silver lining.

How did you get started in exotic dancing and what are some of the highlights of your career so far?

I started dancing when my best friend at the time had a roommate that left without any notice in the middle of their lease. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with five other people and was 21 at the time, so I saw an opportunity to help myself and my friend, so I went for it. I auditioned at Crazy Girls in Los Angeles, got hired there and Ace of Diamonds, and I moved out into my best friend’s apartment two weeks later.

Some highlights would probably be all the celebrities I’ve met from working in LA. Some of my favorites include Migos, Saweetie, Rae Sremmurd, ASAP Rocky, G-Eazy and Juicy J.

What are some of your favorite tricks to perform on the pole and what trick were you doing when you fell?

My two favorite tricks are called a twisted grip and a knee hold. I was doing an elbow grip when I fell of the pole and I’ve done that trick countless times.

Why did you fall and what went through your mind when it happened?

When I was doing the elbow grip, my legs leaned out a little too far and my grip slipped simultaneously, so there was no way to catch myself. I felt myself tip over too far and I knew I couldn’t save myself. It felt like it happened in slow motion. All I could think was that I was about to be seriously injured or maybe even worse. I was certain I’d wake up in the hospital.

Why did you go right back to dancing and when did you stop to seek medical attention?

When I hit the ground, I was still coherent and my adrenaline kicked into high gear, so I just kept going. I didn’t feel anything at first, so I kept performing and I even did a headstand! But when I came out of it, I looked down and saw a bunch of blood and when I realized I had really hurt myself, I stumbled off stage with help from security. Then my manager called 911 and I was pretty much in shock until I got to the hospital.

What were the injuries you sustained from the fall and what surgeries have you had?

I fractured my jaw on both sides: below my joint on the left side and on the bottom off my jaw on the right. The bone popped through the inner side of my gums on the right, and I felt the bone with my tongue. I split my chin and had to get stitches. And I sprained my left ankle. I had surgery to stabilize my jaw. They inserted screws into my gums and sealed my jaw shut with wires. They also stitched up where my bone had popped out.

What did you think of the social media outreach you received from the video going viral and how has it impacted you positively?

I was really shocked at how big my story got. I’ve been receiving so many messages, I can’t really keep up with them. Although I’ve received some negative messages and comments, the majority of the outreach I’ve received has been full of love and support and it’s been amazing. I feel really good that people seem to see me for who I really am as a person. And it feels good and it’s been really uplifting to have the world rooting for me! Same goes for the GoFundMe response I’ve received.

You mentioned on your Instagram that people are creating fake accounts to profit off the video. Tell us how you feel about that.

It’s frustrating that people are trying to piggy back off my blessings while impersonating me and even creating fake GoFundMe accounts. I’m not the type of person to lie or take advantage of others, so to have other people using MY name in such a way is insulting to my character. Although I can’t control what other people are doing, I just hope people pay attention enough to not fall for these fake pages. I only have ONE Instagram account and that’s @Genea_Sky.

When you make a full recovery, will you return to dancing?

I will no longer be dancing in strip club settings. But I plan to still participate in pole fitness and I want to start teaching pole lessons when I’m done recovering. I’m also considering competing in professional competitions at some point when I feel ready. I never liked being a stripper, but I always enjoyed entertaining people by showcasing my talent and strength on the pole.

What else should our readers know about you?

I just want people to know I’m a kind, genuine person—I’m also a total goofball. I’m not ashamed of any part of my path because it’s all led me to where I’m at now and there’s purpose in every detail of our lives. I’ve always seen a bright future for myself and I’ve been working very hard toward it for years, and I’m going to continue to do so. I’m a positive person and all I want to do is promote positivity and help uplift others.