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Ask any tattooer and they'll tell you that the industry is pretty insular. Sure, there are artists who tattoo celebrities all the time and plenty of tattoo-centric reality shows, but we're guessing that most people outside our world can only name one tattoo artist off the top of their head and that's Kat Von D. However, one of our own recently appeared on "The Ellen Show" and it's "Ink Master's" own DJ Tambe.

DJ Tambe is best known for taking the title in both season 9 (alongside veteran competitor Bubba Irwin) and in season 10 (as a coach). During his seasons, he continuously impressed the judges and America with his impressive technical and artistic abilities, blowing away the competition. He made such a lasting impact on the franchise that he was asked to return as a judge for the show "Ink Master: Grudge Match," a spin-off series that brings back former contestants for revenge and also stars season 8 champion (and three time Inked Magazine cover star) Ryan Ashley Malarkey and season 11 champion Cleen Rock One.

Tambe was asked by Ellen DeGeneres to come on the show and help out an Ellen super fan named Alex Chaves, who'd met the talk show host before a live question and answer event at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida. Chaves impressed DeGeneres with his love for her show, showing up with a sign that featured the talk show host along with members of her staff and a portrait tattoo on his forearm. On a recent episode, DeGeneres invited Chaves up on stage with his wife and brought on Tambe to give the fan another tattoo. The new tattoo has yet to be shown, but expect DeGeneres to share the completed piece within the next few weeks.

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What do you think about this Ink Master's appearance on Ellen? Would would you want to get a portrait tattoo of and who would you want to do it? Let us know your thoughts on social media.