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It seems that celeb after celeb has been getting Kobe tattoos after the athlete's tragic death in a helicopter accident, making it easy to tune out any mention of "Kobe" and "tattoo." Turn your eyes and ears back on though, because one of the most important Kobe tribute tattoos has been inked—this time, on Bryant's sister.

Bryant's eldest sister, Sharia Bryant Washington, shared her new tattoo via Instagram paying tribute to her brother and niece who passed away earlier this year. Her piece features a black mamba snake (the name of Kobe's OG basketball team) in the shape of an infinity symbol with the numbers "2" and "24" to represent brother Kobe and niece Gigi. Both Kobe and Gigi were insanely talented at basketball, with "2" and "24" as their jersey numbers every time they played. The tattoo was done by artist Peter Barrios who does some pretty sick color work, and it's a beautifully simple tribute to Washington's love for her lost family.

After the tragic helicopter crash which killed both Kobe and 13 year old Gigi Bryant, as well as 7 other people—many celebrities have decided to pay homage to the Bryant's though incorporating the black mamba snake into their tattoos with Kobe's iconic jersey numbers. Athletes, celebrities, family friends, and even Amber Rose were touched by Kobe's life and inspired to get tattoos in his memory. Of course, it's fair to assume that none of these people have been quite as impacted by the loss as Bryant's immediate family.

Widow of Kobe, Vanessa Bryant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the the company which provided the helicopter and pilot.