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After her recent divorce from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus has gotten a quick succession of new ink. She’s covered up surprising old pieces and gotten new one’s with new love, and if you’re confused about the whirlwind of ink we're here to set it straight.

The first tattoo Cyrus got was right after her breakup from celeb husband Liam Hemsworth from friend and artist winterstone. It was the piece that let us know that this time it’s pretty sure there won’t be any reconciliation. 

Then came the next quick round of fresh tattoos, including a neck tattoo for the year the singer was born:

A piece by Doctor Woo from a sculpture Cyrus found on her post-breakup vacation:

A second travel inspired piece from Dr. Woo:

A tattoo she got along with new beau Cody Simpson that is all rock 'n roll:

And her latest piece, which is a rose covering up what was formerly an avocado on the blonde's bicep:

It looks like this newest piece could possibly lead to the covering of her Marmite tattoo, which she got because it's one of Hemsworth's favorite snacks. But for now, just the avocado is covered.