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In recent years, sclera tattooing has become increasingly common throughout the industry. We've seen plenty of examples of striking sclera tattoos across the color spectrum, on both artists and models alike. However, many might not know the science that goes into tattooing eyeballs.

Sclera tattooing was first performed on three volunteers in July 2007 by specialist Luna Cobra and was reported by BME. Sclera tattooing uses a similar technique to the process of inserting permanent contact lenses, with the ink being injected between the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the clear layer that protects it. Of the three volunteers only one of them is still alive (although the deaths were unrelated to these tattoos) and that's Farrah Flawless, once known as Pauly Unstoppable—who currently has the world's oldest sclera tattoos.

If done properly, sclera tattoos should only cause minor pain, bruising and discomfort. But, in recent years, there have been numerous cases of these tattoos going wrong. One of the most notable examples came from an Ontario based tattoo model who got the procedure in 2017. The sclera tattoo process went wrong, with the needle either penetrating too deep or too shallow, leading the model to be left partially blind and she even considered having her eyeball removed. Another infamous case came from Australian tattoo model Amber Luke, who was temporarily blinded for three weeks.

The latest sclera tattoo gone wrong case comes to us from Poland, with a 25-year-old model who was left completely blind in one eye after the procedure. According to Daily Mail, Wroclaw's Aleksandra Sadowska had pain in her eyes during the process, but the tattooer said that this was normal. However, upon visiting doctors, she was told that the damage to her right eye permanent and she would likely soon go blind in her left eye as well.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the tattooer used the wrong type of ink to perform the procedure and could face three years in prison. The tattoo artist has pleaded not guilty to the charges and the case will soon go to court.

Sadowska has tried to stay positive throughout, taking to Instagram with the caption "Some people with healthy eyes look and see. Because their hearts are blind," on one of her many selfies.

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