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On the most recent episode of "The Bachelor," during an especially sexy one-on-one date between Peter and Sydney, fans noticed a little something on one of Peter's fingers. No, it wasn't buffalo sauce or some other detritus, it was a tiny tattoo? But what was it?! Fans were freaking out. 

Photo courtesy ABC

Photo courtesy ABC

When you take a look at the tattoo it appears to be nothing but a smudgey mess. Which shouldn't come as that much of a surprise since finger tattoos are notorious for looking like crap after a couple of years. This isn't the fault of the artist. Because the skin on the finger is pretty thin combined with how often you move and rub your finger up against things (that sounds much dirtier than intended), the skin replaces itself quite often, thus the ink falls out. 

We did a little bit of sleuthing as to what the tattoo could be, especially since we are unable to actually make it out from the photo. In an interview with "US Weekly" Peter came right out and explained what the tattoo was. It turns out that the tattoo is of the number 12, an ode to the Seattle Seahawks after they won the Super Bowl in 2014. 

Now, please allow me to get on my high horse for a second. The whole reason the tattoo is of the number 12 is because Seahawks fans think of themselves as the Twelfth Man. This is dumb for many reasons, some of which I shall rattle off now. 

1. The reason the fans think they are part of the team is that their stadium is so loud. This is partly attributable to the fans, but mostly due to the design of their stadium. 

2. They stole the Twelfth Man idea from Texas A&M. They even have to pay the university royalties for using the name. 

3. Getting a tiny finger tattoo to celebrate a Super Bowl title isn't really celebrating at all. You wanna be the kind of person who gets a tattoo to celebrate your team winning? Go all out! Get crazy with it, take up your whole arm, predict another title, go wild!

There you go, three solid reasons to hate this tattoo. And "The Bachelor." You're welcome.