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International supermodel Bella Hadid previously had a smattering of tattoos but, let's be honest, you needed to look very, very closely to catch a glimpse of them. Over the weekend, Hadid added two new pieces to her collection, and unlike the pair of angel wings tattooed on her ankles, you can actually see them without a microscope. 

OK, we know that in the grand scheme of tattoos these aren't exactly massive, but when compared to Hadid's existing collection they are enormous. 

Dr. Woo had the honors of tattooing Hadid on Sunday, adding some delicate fine line script as he is wont to do. The two tattoos are in Arabic—Hadid's father is Palestinian—and according to Popsugar, they read "I love you" and "my love." 

It's not surprising that Hadid sought out Dr. Woo for her two new pieces as the tattooer has built a solid rolodex of celebrity clientele over the years. In just the last few months Dr. Woo has tattooed Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kid Cudi, Zach Braff, Travis Scott and Maddie Ziegler. If you're looking to get a delicate, single-needle tattoo, Dr. Woo is clearly the best in the business.