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There once was a time, many years back, when Justin Bieber's tattoos were a laughingstock among tattoo aficionados. Not only did he get every possible cliché tattoo—artists love doing compasses—but a lot of his work wasn't of the greatest quality. (We're trying to be nice)

It's safe to say that he's learned from his earlier mistakes. The smartest decision Bieber has ever made—other than putting a ring on Hailey Baldwin—has been making Dr. Woo his go-to tattoo artist.

Over the long weekend, Bieber added another Dr. Woo piece—a rose on the side of his neck. 

Like everything we see from Dr. Woo, the rose tattoo is delicately shaded and intricately well done. The piece is a perfect companion to the flying dove on the other side of his neck, also done by Dr. Woo. 

Celebrities going out and getting terrible tattoos is one of our biggest gripes here at Inked Magazine. They have a seemingly infinite amount of money and influence, there's no reason for a celebrity to get a dogshit tattoo. For every Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson there are a hundred Lil' Waynes. It's nice to see when a celebrity gets quality tattoos. That's why we've been so hyped about Cardi B's recent work. She used to have some pretty questionable tattoos, but she went to Jamie Schene and had everything reworked. Now her tattoos are amazing. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 10.35.52 AM

Bieber appears to be following a similar path. While he hasn't gotten rid of any of his older tattoos, he has been getting much better work as of late. We've thoroughly enjoyed ragging on him over the years, but it appears that he's learned his lesson. Hats off to him. We can't wait to see what he gets next.