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Writing about celebrity tattoos can be exhausting. Not because we're not interested in the topic, but because so many celebs choose to get tattoos that are either minuscule or tattoos that are, to put it nicely, "not great." This is why we're standing up and applauding Cardi B for the massive back tattoo she just had finished. 

Just last week we got a glimpse of the tattoo as Cardi B shared it on her Instagram Stories. At the time we knew that there was a butterfly and some flowers, we had no idea the massive size of the tattoo. 

We speculated that tattoo artist Jamie Schene would be adding more background to the piece, especially given his track history, but we had no idea of the scope. The placement of the tattoo fits perfectly with Cardi B's curves, which is exactly what you're looking to see in such a large scale tattoo. Schene's work is bold and vibrant, drawing all eyes to the brightly colored flowers and delicately detailed butterflies. 

In the Inked offices, we often debate why so many celebrities get such crappy tattoos. With deep pockets and infinite connections, celebrities should be out there getting the sickest work imaginable. But no, they tend to get tiny little tattoos or really questionable pieces. Not Cardi. She did it the right way. Hats off to you, Cardi B.

Celebrities, please, we beg of you, follow the lead of Cardi B and get amazing tattoos with your massive piles of wealth. Thank you.