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Much of the 2015/16 Los Angeles Lakers season was a farewell tour for Kobe Bryant. Bryant had announced that he was retiring at the end of the season, so many players relished their last opportunity to compete against the Lakers great. Devin Booker, the star shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns, made sure that after battling Bryant one final time that he walked away with a pair of signed sneakers. Booker will now carry that cherished signature with him for the rest of his days.

Booker joined the many celebrities and NBA players who have gotten tributes to Bryant when he was tattooed by JonBoy earlier this week. While we've seen plenty of black mambas and jersey numbers, Booker chose to tattoo the message Bryant inscribed on those sneakers—"Be Legendary." 

While the Suns may be a long shot to make the playoffs, Booker is having a very good season, his average of 25.9 points ranks 10th in the league. In moments when his grief from Bryant's death becomes overwhelming, Booker will be able to look down at his tattoo and let the inspirational message get him through it. 

As has become customary when he tattoos a celebrity client, JonBoy had Booker add a little jammer to his own tattoo collection while they were at it. If you look really closely in the video above you might be able to tell what the design is. 

We've seen so many different tattoo tributes to Bryant in the last month, but Booker's seems to be one of the most personal we've encountered. We're sure that he will cherish it for quite some time.