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Seeing Paul Stanley's face devoid of makeup is really odd. For practically the entire time he has been in the public eye, Stanley has been the StarMan playing guitar for '70s rock sensations Kiss. So when we see his face, completely blank, it's a bit disconcerting. It turns out that Stanley is a huge fan of keeping a blank face, and he took to Twitter to let other celebrities know exactly how he feels about face tattoos. 

"Don't." Simple, unambiguous. Stanley shared an article about celebrities with face tattoos and made his point. Or did he? Because he went on to clarify things a little further... 

"BTW... I'm a big fan of Post Malone and didn't choose his photo," Stanley wrote in the post. "Aside from a few already successful entertainers and the kids of a few rich celebrities who may not worry yet, marking your face will GREATLY limit your options and is a fad that will cost you more than that tattoo."

It's kind of funny to see how Stanley walks things back a little since seeing Post's photo. It looks like he's trying really hard not to burn a bridge there. 

In the end, Stanley isn't saying anything that we haven't heard 10,000 times before, and he's not entirely wrong. Having such visible tattoos could harm a person's ability to find a job. There's a reason that face and hand tattoos have been referred to as job stoppers within the tattoo community for years. 

The article that Stanley shares is specifically about famous people, musicians, models, etc. These are folks who have probably put a fair amount of thought into how their face tattoo would affect them moving forward, found that they were in a position where it wouldn't harm them and they acted accordingly. Shaming their tattoo choices while trying to make a point is simply rude. 

It's an old cliché, but there is a lot of truth to the saying "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I don't think there are a lot of folks out there worried about whether or not the StarMan approves of their personal tattoo choices, so he should just keep it to himself.