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Since the early 2000s, we’ve followed Hilary Duff’s hairstyles, butterfly clips, and sassy alter ego on Lizzie McGuire. While we highlight the tiny tattoo collection on celebrities like Demi LovatoHailey Baldwin, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevigne and Lucy Hale – amongst the many in our A-Z Guide of Our Favorite Tattooed Celebrities – Hilary Duff has been on the front of the tiny tattoo trend with her 15 inkings.

In 2015, the Younger star told Ellen DeGeneres that she loves getting tattoos, but prefers hiding them. "Part of me loves tattoos, but part of me doesn’t want the full commitment of getting to see them all the time," she explained.

Of the former Disney stars who are now tattooed, Duff is known for keeping a normal, drama-free and scandal-free life. Fans first spotted the 31-year old's wishbone tattoo (signifying good luck) on her wrist in 2011 on Twitter. In 2012, she got the bird on her forearm, along with the name of her eldest son, Luca.

Some of Duff's tattoos @hilaryduff on Instagram.

Some of Duff's tattoos @hilaryduff on Instagram.

Duff debuted another wrist tattoo (of a red heart) in 2013, captioning the photo, "All is full of love..." Also in March of 2013, Duff and BFF Alanna Masterson went to Dr. Woo for their matching tiny two-cent coins. The two went back to Dr. Woo in July 2014 for their matching ghosts. A few years later, Duff told Refinery29, "It says 'ride or die' on the hem of the ghost's skirt. This is definitely my favorite and no one really knows it's there. The ghost doesn't really represent anything.”

Heading back to Woo for a third time in October 2016, of two budding roses on the inside of her right bicep. This is placed above a faded arrow with a crescent moon and star.

Duff also wears lettering, including quotes "stand by me," on her inner elbow; "Let it be..." on the outside of her foot; "thick as thieves" on her arm, matching with sister Haylie Duff; “bk,” which is dedicated to Brooklyn, NY; and quote that pays homage to Bette Davis, in 2017, where Davis said ‘Take Fountain’ as in the Fountain Avenue that is a shortcut literally leading into Hollywood.

Most recently, Duff visited Daniel Winter in L.A. to get a dotted drawing of a sun on her wrist, who inked a line of stars to the outside of her elbow during the same appointment. "Also got this little sassy friend," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

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