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Things are very slowly starting to return to normal. Businesses are opening, people are venturing outside of their homes and celebrities are getting tattooed again! Model Presley Gerber, son of supermodel Cindy Crawford, posted some new work on his Instagram story on Tuesday night. 

Presley Gerber's barbed wire tattoo by Rafael Valdez

Presley Gerber's barbed wire tattoo by Rafael Valdez

The tattoo—black-and-grey barbed wire across his Gerber's knuckles—was done by Rafael Valdez. We don't always understand the tattoo choices that Gerber has made, but we applaud his choice this time around. That barbed wire looks TOUGH. 

Valdez has flown under the radar as a tattooer. While he doesn't have as high of a profile as tattooers like JonBoy, Valdez has established himself as a go-to tattooer for the rich and famous. In addition to Gerber, his roster of clients includes Marc Anthony, Kylie Jenner, Tyga, Chris Brown, Johnny Manziel and many more.

Gerber has a couple of tattoos that are, how should we put this delicately, a but rough. This barbed wire piece shows us that Gerber does truly appreciate fine work, and we hope to see more rad tattoos in his not-too-distant future. This is just a humble suggestion, but maybe Gerber should fill up those arms and chest a little bit.